Patient-Centered, Dedicated Care For Patients and Medical Practices

IV Therapy Program / Self-Care

Introducing DRIPSY HEALTH!

DRIPSY HEALTH is more than just a IV THERAPY practice — it’s a growing community! Dedicated to treating patients since 2015, we have made it a point to be involved with healthcare services throughout the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia.  Our Providers hold multi-state licenses and provide primary care and addiction medicine services.   Our medical practice is recognized as an NCQA Patient Centered Medical Home.

Why Try IV Therapy?

Clients always ask us questions such as, “Why is IV therapy necessary?” and “Why can’t I just drink more water to get the nutrients I need?”

Let us tell you why…

Our bodies are already 55% – 65% water depending on our age and size. After losing just 1% of our body’s water, our mental and physical performance starts to deteriorate. After losing 2%-3%, we start to feel thirsty and dehydrated. So hydration is crucial just to get us through every day tasks.

What a lot of people don’t know is that water also acts as our own personal bodyguard. It protects our body tissues against any blows when we are active. Water also enhances the function of nerve cells and protects them from thousands of chemical reactions. Additionally, it helps in the smooth movement of our joints and allows their surfaces to slide and glide with minimal friction. Without water, movement of any joint becomes stiff and painful.